Workshops & Support Groups

Available Workshops:

I am very interested to participating in conferences and speaking to share my expertise in the body-mind connection and the power of our thoughts. If you are interested in me facilitating a workshop, please contact me for more information. These are some workshops I have presented in the past.

* Change Your Thoughts; Change Your Destiny: Self-Hypnosis
Hypnosis/self-hypnosis have potentials that are unlimited in breaking bad habits, improving one’s health and personality, and in the accomplishment of various goals. Utilizing hypnosis creates better physical and mental health. Your life is the direct result of your thoughts, desires and emotions. Learn some workable tools to change your thinking and your life. You’ll achieve amazing results!
* Personal lessons are our teachers. . Look for the Blessing!
This is an experiential workshop with meditations and rituals designed to vent, release and cleanse old issues. You will participate in a meditation to open your heart and become your own healer. Claiming your own power allows you to move forward in life.
* The Power of the Mind
Learn how our thoughts create our reality and what you can do to create changes in your life now. We are powerful beings who have the capability to edit our life scripts. Learn some workable tools to eliminate negative patterns. Learn the power of visualization to manifest what you desire and deserve in your life.
* Listening To Your Inner Voice; Receiving Inner Guidance
Learn three steps needed to train our mind properly and ten steps to better listening. We can learn how to identify and listen to our inner voice, bypassing our judgmental side. We can open our minds to the part of our being which is constantly in touch with our highest expression. I believe all the answers are within us. Get in touch with your “wise, inner self”.
* Eliminating Self-Defeating Behaviors
Learn what self defeating behaviors are and how we developed them. Why does a part of us want to continue these behaviors? What is the price I am paying, the natural consequences for holding on to these negative patterns? How can I transmute this choice to a more life-giving choice?
* Emotional Freedom Techniques- “Hands-on Workshop”
In this experiential workshop, you will learn how to use a powerful Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), a new paradigm in healing. In this safe, friendly setting, participants will gain an understanding of this meridian-based energy psychology method. It’s like acupuncture, but without the needles. You will have the opportunity to learn and practice EFT to clear your own personal issues. EFT can greatly relieve phobias, fears, anxieties, trauma, guilt, depression and even some physical discomforts.
* You Can Program Yourself To Success
Using the process of goal setting and visualization, you can create the life you want and deserve. This is a “hands-on” experiential workshop to give you the structure to create and write the goals you have only been considering. Commit to changing the old outdated patterns of hoping things will change, and learn how to step forward and create the change. We are powerful manifesters of our own destiny. Learn the tools!
* Healing the Inner Child
Join me in this empowering workshop to heal old inner wounds, moving forward rejuvenated on your journey. The subconscious mind only knows now. Thus, we can do tremendous healing work at the subconscious level, giving our inner child the love and worth it may not have received as a youngster. As an adult, we can go back and claim now what that inner child needs to heal.
* Silencing the Inner Critic
Many of us have a tendency to criticize ourselves, making harsh self-judgments. We don’t have to put a label on ourselves because of some of our past choices. Some choices just teach us to do it differently next time for a different result. Our life is a journey, and we really need to be patient with ourselves along the way. Join us in this experiential workshop to let go of the inner critic. We will use meditative exercises for the following:
o Getting in touch with our Essence/Receiving a symbol of strength
o Releasing fear and the power of the critic
o Forgiveness/Self-forgiveness
With a partner we will experience a Whole Life Healing Technique allowing each of us to release our own particular issue. Take this technique home to resolve other personal issues on your own.