Spiritual Coach

A Rich Spiritual Life, Adds A Whole New Dimension Of Living…

I’ve been assisting people in making changes in their lives for 4 decades now and as a man of faith and spirit with a background as a spiritual
counselor for many years before exploring Mind Body Healing and Hypnosis, I feel that I have something unique to offer those looking to explore questions of deeper meaning.

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Using my years of experience as a spiritual guide and counselor coupled with the knowledge and expertise in Mind Body medicine, I can assist you in tapping into your inner knowledge of yourself and the world around you to discover more about you and perhaps a higher purpose. People who discover and become more aware of the spirit often report a more calm and serene life, more fulfilling and enriching in every way.

If you’ve been putting off these questions in your mind, I invite you to explore them and see what more life has to offer.
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